Do you sometimes wonder why all the research done to improve health in humans is not yet optimally applied to help our animal companions get and stay healthy?

We do. And we are passionate about it because of our deep bond to our animal companion friends.

That is why we created Gour Medical in 2014.

We are an experienced team of scientists, operating at the junction between human and veterinary health and medicine, leaders in our fields, who came up with a simple idea: finding the best of human health and medical science research and make the drugs, knowledge and leading technologies available to our animal companions.

So many of their health needs are not met. The science exists and we are committed to making sure their needs are met so they get the best possible therapies.

We have access to a wide range of innovative products and technologies – from medications to medical devices and nutraceuticals. These are proven products tested and used in human health ready to be made available to animals, the people who love them, and the veterinarians who care for them – now.