ZUG, Switzerland – Gour Medical SA, a veterinary biomedical company, announced today the signing of an exclusive development and supply agreement with Solmic Research GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany.

September 22nd, 2015

SolMic will provide a waters-soluble formulation based on ultrapure CBD provided through an exclusive partnership with a leading European CBD manufacturer.

Gour will exclusively commercialize Cannabidiol (CBD) products from SolMic for animal healthcare and market them worldwide.

About Gour Medical SA

Gour Medical SA, founded in 2014, is a Swiss based veterinary biomedical company, leveraging the advances in human research and applying them to medical solutions for companion animals. Integrated and innovative therapeutic solutions developed by Gour address companion animals’ unmet medical needs by treating or preventing significant companion animal health issues. Gour has already signed several cooperation agreements with world renowned companies and laboratories for the development and commercialization of various animal healthcare products.

About SolMic Research GmbH

SolMic is focused on the development, production and distribution of innovative products that are based on a proprietary solubilisation technology platform in the area of micelle engineering. It allows a high level of bioavailability of orally or topically administered ingredients and creation of unique blends of active principles. SolMic has developed unique nutraceutical products targeting wellness and various disease conditions marketed through partnerships in EU and US.

Download Press Release document : Gour _Solmic- PR_20150922